Here is a little insight into my new shack.

The Shack is now bigger and finally has more space.
Currently I use two PC systems, the first system is a Medion PC with an Intel Pentium E5400@2.7 GHz and 3 GB RAM and a 250 GB HD disk. The operating system is Windows 10 Home.
I use this PC to control the ICOM IC-718 and for digital modes. For the latter HamRadioDeluxe is used.

The second computer is an AMD Ryzen 3 3200G with 3.6 GHz, 16 GB Ram and a 6 TB hard drive with Windows 11 Home 64bit.
I manage my homepage on the system and have the DX cluster and a few other things running.

Since the beginning of March 2022, a new device has arrived in the shack. An Icom IC-7300. It is a modern shortwave SDR transceiver with 100 watts transmission power.

For shortwave the ICOM IC-718 is used. The unit is continuous from 0.5 to 30 MHz on the receive side and it was equipped with a DSP filter unit. It has a maximum transmit power of 100 watts in SSB and CW and 40 watts in AM.

It is a very good device that I no longer want to miss. As a tuner I use a LDG Z-100 Plus and a CG Antenna Interface for the connection to the computer.

For operation on VHF I use the Yaesu FT-2900 - with its 75 watts of transmitting power a
super device. On the device I am QRV on the 2m call frequency 145.500 MHz. For relay I have additionally the Maas AMT-920-UV , a 2m / 70cm duobander in use.

Additionally I run here still another Yaesu FTM-100 DR/DE for C4FM at the hotspot.

For DMR I use the Anytone AT-D878UV  as well as the Radioddity GD-77. For starters, use a Hotspot Raspberry Pi 3 and a MMDVM dual HAT board.
QRV I am on TG 26235 / TG 263225 as well as TG 263 DL in Brandmeister

The President George I use for the 10m band. With its 35 watts of transmitting power, you can also get "everywhere".
In addition, I have three handheld radios, the Wouxun KG-689e / Baofeng UV-3 and the Maas AHT-2-UV.

The "juice" for the devices comes from these two power supplies. For the ICOM IC-718 I use the "old timer", the Yaesu FP-757 HD. For the other devices I use the PS-35SW II power supply.

I am currently using various antennas.

The Diamond X510 stands on the left side of the mast. It has a length of 520cm and is made of fiberglass. It has a gain of 8.3dB on 2m and 11.7 dB on 70cm.

Next to it is the smaller Diamond X300 with a length of 310cm. It has a gain of 6.5 dB on 2m and 9 dB on 70cm.

As the last antenna on the mast I used the Sirio New Tornado 27which I use as a shortwave antenna for the bands 10m to 80m.

For the bands 10 to 160m I have an additional horizontally suspended Sloper Antenne 41,5m lang, under the roof I have another Dipol – Antenne for 10 & 15 meter the Martin DK9CA has built.

Under roof there is additionally a Diamond X30 for my SDR

More antennas are sure to follow: the plot is big enough for various things...

Here is a picture of the house. The mast still looks two meters out of the roof. On top is the Sirio New Tornado 27.

Booms for the Diamond X510 and the Diamond X300 are mounted on both sides. The site has a height of 90m above sea level, the house and mast then have another 13m.

DF7ER @ mobil

For mobile operation I use the Yaesu FTM-100 DE - as antenna I use the duoband antenna Diamond NR-770HB.

DF7ER @ work

MAN TGX XXL 18510 ( TG3 )

For mobile operation at work I use the Yaesu FTM 400 XDR/DE - as antenna I use the duoband antenna Diamond NR-770HB.

For CB radio in the truck I use a President McKinley 12/24v. As an antenna I use an Albrecht Racer60.

On I am also to find:!call=a%2FDF7ER-14&timerange=3600&tail=3600

DF7ER @ p

For portable use I use the Yaesu FT818ND. As well as a LDG z-100plus tuner.
For the digital modes I use a tablet from Acer (One 10) and a SB2000 interface.

I use a large battery for the device and the tablet as power supply.

As a portable mast comes a DX-Wire Mast 13,7m GFK “EXTRA”- heavy duty for use.
With different wire antennas and a Diamond X30.

Picture shows a test setup at home with a 13.5m vertical wire for the bands 10-80m.

From north to south

View direction north
In this direction Uelzen is 30 kilometers away.

Here is the home of the DARC OV H23

View from the east:
In this direction Wittingen is 10 kilometers away.

View from the west:
In that direction, Celle is about 40 kilometers away.

Here is the home of the DARC OV H05 

View direction south:
30 kilometers further on lies Gifhorn - the home of DARC OV H08